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Municipality of Rotterdam Recruitment: IT Trainees


We were asked to increase the awareness of the Municipality of Rotterdam as an attractive IT employer to make sure we hire (at least) 5 IT Trainees. The assignment was clear. However, that didn’t make it any easier. The target audience was very scarce and not at all likely to consider a municipality as a potential employer. The campaign period was only one month, right before the summer break, and the media budget was no more than 7.500 euro. Still, we’re not afraid of a challenge so we took this bull by the horns.


What makes working at a municipality interesting? Well, to start with you directly get to see the results. And we don’t mean that in an abstract kind of way. You physically see your work in and around you in the municipality. For instance, smart sensors that provide notifications when the waste bins are full. These kind of examples (retrieved via interviews with the IT professionals who were already working at the Municipality of Rotterdam) functioned as the central theme of this campaign. Completely in line with the overarching employer branding theme. Match made in heaven.

However, we didn’t stop there… Because it’s Rotterdam. A city you either love or hate. There are no in-betweens; you’re in or you’re out. So, we developed a concept in which we shared what the Municipality had to offer in the most Rotterdam-like way possible. The campaign is filled with Rotterdam statements pronounced in the famous ‘Rotterdam accent’ by Dave von Raven.


The media campaign included Facebook, Instagram, Google Display and YouTube to reach our target audience in the broadest way possible. Additionally, we included physical signs in and around Rotterdam, to increase the awareness of the Municipality as an It employer. Online retargeting via Google Display and Facebook converted our reach into actual visitors on the campaign website and – eventually into applicants.


  • The media campaign generated 1.9 million impressions with over 7.000 clicks to the campaign website. This created a neat click through ratio of 0.38%.
  • Google Display and Instagram were the main broadcasting channels; Google Search played an important part in generated the actual traffic.
  • 48% of the campaign visitors was aged between 18 and 34 years, of which 44% male and 56% female.
  • 65% of the campaign visitors were labelled as ‘new visitors’: indicated we reached a new target audience.
  • 82% of the campaign visitors viewed the website via a mobile device.
  • The campaign page that has been developed for the trainees specifically has been visited 3.556 times, the IT traineeship vacancy 1.050 times.
  • And most importantly: over 70 people applied from which the 5 IT trainees could be selected easily!

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