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In 2013, the Ministry of Defense (MOD) launched its umbrella recruitment site for the first time. Prior to then, the recruitment of military personnel went through the individual branches of the armed forces, Navy, Army, Air Force and Military Police. Six years later, a lot has happened inside and outside of the MOD. The recruitment site with the various branches of the armed forces still interwoven is now less suited for a tight labor market. Candidates want to know quickly what the Ministry of Defense has to offer them specifically. With more than 10 specialist areas, countless educations and almost 300 different functions, this is a very complex task. Combined with the increased recruitment objective of the Ministry of Defense, it was time for a thorough renovation.


The new recruitment site is completely built around the experience of the individual visitor. Thanks to an organic menu structure, the site can be used cross-device and cross-medially, and it is also easier to find via search engines. Since figures show that a large majority of visitors on use a smartphone or tablet for this purpose, the site has been developed completely mobile first.

Innovative Career Compass

Central to the renewed site is the Career Compass, an innovative tool that offers personalized information and thus makes finding a job at the MOD much easier. The Career Compass serves up personalized job postings, events, info days, internships and references to relevant stories and videos based on age, interests and education level.

Personal Contact

Those who still cannot find what they are looking for, are simply one click away from direct contact with a MOD employee. Where they can choose from almost all possible means of communication, such as e-mail, telephone, WhatsApp and a live chat functionality. A visitor can also schedule himself for a telephone consultation with a recruiter. All to avoid a "dead end" and boost conversion.


It's not often that a politician makes our work world famous. But on March 11, 2019, State Secretary of Defense Barbara Visser, put the link to the new recruitment site of the Ministry of Defense out live via a tweet. The completely redesigned site marks a new phase in the recruitment of military and civilian personnel and is fully optimized for the new generations in the labor market. In the first week that the Career Compass was active, it was used over 8,300 times, with 89% of visitors answering all the questions and subsequently viewing over 4,500 vacancies.

In the first full year that the new recruitment site was live, we saw:

  • + 10% traffic (over 6 million visits)
  • + 16% unique visitors (3.6 million in total)
  • +120% viewed vacancies (almost 2 million)
  • +2% longer visit duration (average 2:33 minutes)
  • +33% interested parties (almost 50,000 candidates)
  • +17% conversion

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